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Related article: Date : Tue, August 3, 2004 December 14 EDT 14 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 5 Brother 2 Brother Michael Martell Chapter 5 : Andre u0026 Julien My alarm jet at 500am I wake up like every morning, Monday to Friday. I drug my ass out of bed half asleep and dumped barefoot in the bathroom where my morning pee. Then I washed my hands, face n and got ready for my day to work. When I finished I looked at my bed and I smiled. Julien came last night. After starting the Chinese and see DVDs, we went to bed, where it is burned the bed and bedroom. if it came to sex, which were incredibly... damn, amazing. Of course I'm down with sex, I mean let's be honest whore sex "feels good. After someone Workin ' up your Jimmie Nutt... DIZAMN ! There is nothing better n you feel and if someone who you feel about making s better. In, Julien and I have been kicking I've learned a lot about me and my sexualthe identity. I'm goin for a while last year, mean, here I am a Brotha was to determine the sex of all n Sistahs on the block, and the way. My cock knew nothing but hell, yet my heart, and shit, I know niggaz that attracted me more. But we must understand, not know what all, when I was a young cat. I mean, my first experience s to another was with my cousin Steve. I was fifteen and he was seventeen. Steve Newton was a man, playing basketball, sports - lovin ' Brotha was not what I saw gay men, you know, doing laundry, etc.. that hanging long time together and although I tell you why I liked Steve 's all because he was cool as shit and we were family, I knew, although I never would have allowed Steve loved me, oh and so will not be too freakin brothas were not blood cousins ​​, and cousins ​​, who only through marriage. Steve was all I wanted to be and all that is what should be a man to be. He played spoRTS as a whore animal football, basketball, baseball and ran track. You could put something in every car fixed n to him and there was nothing that he knew nothing of a car that does not work. He worked every day, the girls loved him, and was dazzling with honey. It would be a couple of days, but none of them seems to may take more than three months or less. I must admit, if I remember now all that was a silly girl like me tryin to Steve about "being s all in your world. I would be jealous if you hang with our friends or other relatives. all I wanted to do was be close to Steve. all 6'4 ", 225 pounds of him with caramel complexion mixed with vanilla and hazel eyes and sexy smile bright and a sexy body. When was 15 I was very chubby and plump, and I always wanted a body as Steve and Steve was the one who taught me to work and showed that n to do to get the most out of my training. I loved that train. that no shirt and was barefoot and wore these small, tight ass in the air shorts that show everything I had. I just wanted to play body. I still remember that night. live in the weekend with Aunt Cora, Steve's mother and my the second wife of his uncle, my people were out of town for something or another. Now Aunt Cora had three children by her first husband, who had Keith, Keisha, and of course Steve it and then my uncle and had two children , my twin brother and cousins ​​Rasheen Rasheem. Anyway, who lived in a house with three bedrooms. Keisha and girls share a room and Rasheem all children share a room. When Keith, the oldest of which Lolita Underage was transferred from the room was to divide the left and Rasheen Steve. Always when it would remain at Aunt Cora I would share a bed with Steve. Bedwetting problem had Rasheen n and that was the reason I was assigned to share a bed with Steve, he had no problem at all. Or so Steve and I were in bed, but I could not sleep. here whow to put on the bed next to the sexiest man I had at that time was known only in our boxers and shirts. I could hear snoring could feel her warm body next to me. I felt his soft feet touching mine, and damn if I'm the hardest erection in my life. It was hot as hell. I turned around to see Steve in his back laying was bedding at half the distance of him and his sexy chest, soft are shown. I could not help but found myself touched his chest. his in the chest was warm and heavy, but soft. It felt good. I touched her nipples n and snorted when he took my hand as I had been burned and remained quiet. I waited and went back to him again, and that's when I realized, his cock was out of underwear and that was erect and high, ` then my hard ocfourse 9" was just a hard 6. I was looking at his tail n and then the next thing I knew I had it in my hands slowly stroking as I stroked, if shocking. " touching, shocking her n Tuesck me crazy, so crazy that I had not noticed that his snoring Softs had been replaced by soft moans. Her hips moved slowly up and down and I was shocking his cock. Me jackin so strong that my wrist and hand tired, so I stopped and that was when I received the shock and surprise my ​​life. " Why did you leave ? " N I thought my world had ended. I was cold. I could not turn around to face him. I felt his hand touch the back and pat. "Please do not stop. " said. I turned around and looked at him, smiled n when you took my hand and put it back on his cock rock hard. With his tail in my hand I approached him and moaned and groaned as push and I jacked her hips faster and harder, as he liked. ".. oooh Yeah yeah yeah yeah... you jack" N My hand was moving like a piston, and Steve had lost everything. His head was thrown back, mouth open, complaining, moaning, then I too his feet and toes are going. Its tail wasincreasingly difficult, in my hand I felt in my own tail. It Lolita Underage was a bust Nutt. " Oooh... Damn... I'm... oooh... Damn Dre Dre... damn it! " The next thing I knew that exploits its Nutt my hand, stomach the chest. He was covered in sweat and semen, and opened his mouth and shuddered. " That shit was good cousin. " Said Steve. He saw me and my s own hard cock. N " Let me help you. " The next thing I knew, he grabbed my cock and started his hand at first and then the mouth. Now I was fifteen years and have never had a blowjob to anyone before, and certainly not for another man. Oh yes, I nutted almost immediately. From now on, every time I passed the night is in the Aunt Cora, Steve and I take away from each other, but that was more or less it. That is, we kissed a few times and that was it. when Steve went to college next year, when I learned that most of the war in the family knew gay. For some reason he did let me know that wasn't but I really believe in my heart I knew that the company, but I to say that if I had connected with the women of my penis is fine, but the kids something to me. You all know my husband, Eric. Since then he has the kids at school was, we were roommates in school and I I must say that there are one or two times while he slept, I would tip over and work his tail up that all the nuts themselves and then in mocking what wet dreams. Oh yeah, like you have never do. I must admit that this, too. Once had an eye on Eric. I mean, it's not hard to see. It's a good looking Brotha and I 'm glad a man in her life as Jermaine, as is happy for me to find Julien. I have to tell you, there are times when it blows my mind how Julien and I met, not to live together or something, but we have to spend as much time as possible together. Frankly, I do not knowif I'd say I'm in love with him, but I You love him and I like him and spend time with him. I was born the gym with good body. Duane was working at his desk, he the manager of the morning, was canceled a second, as he gave me a towel and , returned to his studies, he is a student at school. I went to free weights when I heard someone calling me. I turned around, see the n and my mouth was open, as Dalziel Jackson, the photographer who met in the living room at midnight, and I met with them last year. It was is one minute and had seen him. Hector still looking sexy. brilliant bald, goatee with sideburns sexy smile itself. We hugged others and we ` pound '. N " Long time no see, nigga! " Dalziel said, smiling. " Yes, I say yes. Do you work here ? " I asked. I had never seen before before here. "I just started here. I used to go to the Flex of Washington, but it is open 24 / 7, as here. " " Tru dat. " Stepped Dalziel closer to me. So I close the smell of his cologne and the smell of marijuana on him. " Then, when we meet again ? " " Hey man, I dunno. "I said, but I remembered the last time I n was off the hook. We Blazin ', drinking, and then amol. " I was Lolita Underage reminded of as well as his ass was hot and began to shake hard 9. Dalziel has immediately. "Are you sure you do not know ?" He asked as he came within an inch and touched with the fingers of their hand against my cock. Shit ! I liked it. " Hey Dal, have things changed since then. " I said. " oh man now? No I have to ' I nodded my head. " Yes, I know. " " This is great. But whatcha man with me always " more to do it. " And this time I squeezed the shit. "Damn, nigga! " I said, resigned. " Come on, all asking that" gives me time to relax. We can burn some trees , drinks and some monster. " I smiled, remembering how he could convince Jackson Dalziel. " I do not see no ring on your finger, so that you and yournew man r is not to be permanent situation "," " I'm ready for anything. " I said and I do not know why I said dass Dalziel broke into a smile big fucking. N He reached into his pocket and pulled out a map for training and gave me one of his letters. "Restricted case number, and lost my shit. " " Wait, nigga, that 's not to say he wanted to see him again. " She smiled Dalziel. "You. " And then she turned and walked away. I looked up the map. It was the same card that gave me last year and is the same map, which is still in my wallet. I woke up at seven o'clock was a little slow, but considering do not get to watch the morning the two in bed, it was not surprising. force me out of bed and dragged me into the kitchen, where I began my morning coffee. then went to the bathroom and opened the shower y started pulling my clothes and got under cold water, that woke me correctly. I turned the hot water and ready orI p shower. I got up, grabbed a towel Lolita Underage and started drying myself, as I in my head, I had to do today. He had a clock cut 10 appearance, which probably still have all day. Since the discovery that my former partner was dirty all cases worked that has been tested. Toss in the top of City Hall and HQ. The new mayor and new police chief Gladys Brown, used the chief of detectives before they were transported diligent in cleaning up corruption in the police and the council and was a serious business, serious. My personal life last year has been through so many interesting things, like my professional life, but much more fun. Things are going well between me and Andre. There is a spending a lot, too. He is still struggling with their sexual identity in the with another man in a dating relationship, but it seems to be handle things pretty well. I gave a lot of time and space as he feels he needs. I try not to push it and the only thing one day at a time that works for me. Going out with a policeman is not easy particular, the detective sergeant is. There are times when Dre and I n to get to see each other at all and if we have time together I general, calls to my pager or on my cell phone rang and need to leave. We have more than a few days early due to end mandatory n invoked. So far, Andre was pretty good at dealing with things, ot unlike The Last Guy I dated. His name was Damarr. He was a poet dreadlock wearing a skin deep Dark and wearing silver rimmed glasses and wore a long beard weak, which I found quite attractive to him. He had a broad nose n and a strong chin, as he called strong features Nubians. Yes, it was afrocentric. He wore African clothing, African art and had the sculpture in the apartment of his s, heard read African music, African literature and Celecalibrated at Christmas Kwanzaa. I do not think any man could rise to opposites, but opposites that attracted us to each other. that are heated debates about criminal justice policy has the as the African American community (heterosexual and homosexual ). discussions that is heated and result in some very hot love making sessions. The This is the biggest battle was between us, it was my job, and I like more than everything in my life, including him. Damarr wanted to make the world around him. Everything going on around that we all would like, but in the the real world and not when it is in their application of the law world must be put on hold in order to fulfill its duty. Damarr could not understand do not really know even try. But to be fair I wanted in advance my ​​police career and nothing was left on the path that my personal life. I think if you had worked on a commitment that probably today. Damarr isone of the romantic, tender, loving black man who had never left. Why in hell Damarr I suddenly thought ? I threw the towel in the basket of n and went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. When I set there naked in the kitchen drinking coffee I remembered a conversation that never had, and he was naked to me at the moment, do not walk around the house. Damarr loved being naked. It was not uncommon for me to go from home and have bare butts at the door of view. Damarr had s one of the sexiest body I have ever seen. He was not muscular marvel. It s body had muscles lean and lanky with lean and defined. It was about 6 feet tall and weighed 185 pounds. I liked seeing her body. " Why not go nude? " Damarr had asked me Lolita Underage after n out of the shower, dry and slipped on a pair of underpants. "What? " I told him I was my usual response to all that n I said. "You have a beautiful body, a king ", the damI was always arr King. It was his way to the fact that African Americans have risen to honor of Kings. " It could not be covered by clothing, especially n if you are alone or with me. " N "I am fully clothed. " Damarr shook his head and looked at. "You see, which means king? We so westernized that n in the privacy of your own home or the the love that we covered the walls and shields that separate us. " No Needless to say, came and went talking with me about the dress hand and he was naked on the page. The debate was heated, and, of course, ended make hot love with us in the middle of the living room. God, Brotha know how your body and also my work. When I finished my coffee, I looked up hard on my smile and it was something Damarr, knew I like and now even. Why was it in my head today? put my empty coffee cup in the sink and went into the bedroom with the n dresses. " I wonder how long will you came before " " Andre? "I was surprised. Here was Andre, exposing naked ass in the air n in my bed ". When you come here? "I had a spare key to my space return for a while and to my knowledge, this is the first time I used is Andre looked at me with that sexy smile his face. he rose from the bed and approached me. Lolita Underage "I was in the gym and started for you and I had to come here and I'm glad that I, because it seems to have thought of me. "He said Andre, as he grabbed my erection. N " Ahhhhh... MMMMM... dass.. feels sooo good. " I moaned while rubbing my cock n and nuts. " I know. "I said as he kissed my neck and then began my lips. God, I love how your lips feel soft on me. Her hands stroked my in the chest, playing with my nipples became really in me. " I had seen, , I. " looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was eight I had to get two hours court. " I'm glad you came. " " I have not, but I will. "Andre said. WhenHe always spoke as that I knew it was hot and I, we put a kiss on the bed, stroking and touching. Lip smacking and sucking on each part of each the body of another. It allows me roll me in the stomach when he began kisses me on the back and ass. I felt my ass gently spreading cheeks and a smile came over me as his tongue touched and teased and set to work. André knew what he was doing. " Ah ah ah ah ah... yes... " I moaned as he dove into the depths. I could feel his nose in the crack of her ass. "Yes.. eat your ass! " "I'll do something else to eat. " Said Andre, and then returned to eat ass. " Oh yeah" I moaned. One might think that we can not see any other night and made ​​love for hours through the way they were going to act now. I pushed her ass up and into her hungry mouth and tongue to take a all he could handle. I was ready and willing when my phone started ringing. If it had not been in office, I have not answered. If no was the fact that he had cut today I have answered phone, but had to answer the phone. " Hello ?" I said, as Andre lay down beside me. There was a rising star Captain John Wayne Dennis. "Julien, you're ready to go to court? " He asked. " Well, no, not yet. It is only 10". I replied. " No, there has been a change. It's at 9 o'clock has been changed. " He s I said. Now it was shortly after the 08th and had a 00 clock 30 minutes trip to court. Lolita Underage " You have everything you need. " " Yes.. but why have covers to change the time? " I asked him sat n in bed. " This is Judge Jett, we are fortunate we have learned about them. You have to go and arrive on time, you know, what they can. " Before they could say goodbye and hung up. I got up and started to dressing. " Andre, " I said as I was dressing began, " They changed the cutoff date soon. I have to go. I'm sorry. " " Hey, that's fine. " Andre said the clothes up and put his s. " Duty calls. " I felt so badthis fight, but it was not, we had an appointment, or all, but I felt bad about it, but before you say anything n that he was dressed and left. I packed my bags and go home 08th 15th I was in my car when I heard someone calling me. I turned around and could not believe what I saw. To wander across the street from me was none other than n Damarr. Two years passed since I'd seen. that is still sporting his afro centric clothing, their fears were longer, who had is still the silver wire-rimmed glasses, but the beard was gone, had a Lolita Underage goatee now. " Hello king. " Damarr said, showing his smile of millions of dollars that n has fallen as well. " Damarr ? " As soon as his name out of my mouth, grabbed me in a hug. " Good to see you, the king is. It's been so long. " was without words. was having lunch in the restaurant across the street from where I was working on Freedom - Financial Corporation. Julien had called me just before I go to lD SC apologize for the morning. I said I understood, and he promised to do for me. I knew it would. I ate my Cheeseburger with salad aside, when the second time I saw today Dalziel. He was in a light gray suit style. He was always going to be eating n As he looked, and saw me. He smiled, took his food and then tip in my direction. "Sup," he said. " This is the second time we've done today. " Dalziel said. " Yes " I replied, my mouth full of hamburger. " It must be fate, " " Really now, in this case, I'm free after 700 pm I have good shit n?. the cradle. to look beyond. " Before I knew it, he said, " I'm aight, I will. " Dalziel smiled when he had won a million dollars. "Aight. Holla at ya then. " I saw as I was. I finished my burger and started on my salad. There is nothing wrong with meeting with a friend and cold. This story will continue. the sixth chapter soon. The author would like to hear from you. You can email you wyzman34 n aol. com Please visit http://groups. yahoo. com / group / brothers_like_us /
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